Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
FlounderPro 1300 Aluminum 24" LED Light
Flounder Gigging Lights
FlounderPro 2600 Aluminum 48" LED Light
All Aluminum - No Glass or Plastic Parts - Directional Light - Light Weight
(126) White SMD5050 LEDs - 30 watts,
2.5 amps, 2,850 Lumens, 25' PowerCord
Quality Gigs
Ice Chest Float
48"   4ft  Long     12VDC
24" (2ft) Long     12VDC
(60) White SMD5050 LEDs - 15-watts,
1.25 amps, 1,425 Lumens, 25' PowerCord
24"  2ft Long     12VDC
Fish Are Attracted to Fishing Lights Etc Underwater Lights
FlounderPro 3-Sided Aluminum 24" LED Light
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM  CT
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Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM  CT
Monday thru Friday
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
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FlounderPro 2000-XL  Handheld LED Light
Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
Established in 1981
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM  CT
Monday thru Friday
SuperBrite 2300
9" LED Light
2,300 Lumens
9" Long     12VDC
(168) White SMD2835 LEDs -  29-watts
2.3 amps, 2,300 Lumens, 25' Cord
(360) SMD3528 LEDs - 23-watts,
1.9 amps, 2,000 Lumens, 25' Cord
24"  2ft Long     12VDC
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$149 to $164
$97 to $112
$119 to $134
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Magnifying LED Lenses
Increased Lumens & Coverage!
I have built a really functional floundering light bar that I wanted to share with you.  

I love how they always stay just right in the water, no matter how much chop or how
much weight is on the front of the boat.  With them I can get into water as shallow as
6" and not drag, and as you can see they are completely out of the way of gigging.  
They are rugged too!
Phillip - Rosehill, NC
Phillip's Mounted Flounder Lights!
Details & Pictures
Details & Pictures
Lee Jernigan's Rig
James Ashcom's Quick Attachment
Brian Mauldin's Rig
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Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
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SuperBrite LEDs
SuperBrite LEDs
For Underwater Use ONLY
Do Not use Above Water
NOW  $161
2500 Lumens
Handheld Gigging Light
FlounderPro 2000-XL
6500K LEDs
 Adjustable and Replaceable Stainless Steel Light Heads.
•  2500 Lumens, 6500K Color.
•  (2) 10-watt COB LEDs.
•  12VDC, 20W, 1.6 amps
•  50,000 hour LEDs.
•  60” long powder coated PVC handle with rubber grip.  
•  Compact light head design makes the light easy to carry.
•  15' Heavy-Duty power-cord with battery clips
•  Directional flood lighting that requires no glare shield
60" (5ft) Long Handle     12VDC
Cary Langley's Floating Rig using a FlounderPro 2600
Tom Dancause's Flounder Rig
Flounder Rig - Pivot Brackets
1.25" Schedule 40 PVC Arms
1/4" x 3" Bolts w/Lock Nuts
1 1/2" flat washers
5" x 1" x 5" "L" Brackets
David Boelte's  Flounder Rig
Boat Mounted Flounder Lights
Easily build your own rig using PVC and our FlounderPro lights